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How To Get High. Really High. On Life.

How To Get High. Really High. On Life.

Much of humanity suffers in denial and dismay for the simple lack of allowing the self to be human.

We resist much of what comes naturally to us: grief, sorrow, disappointment, melancholy, introspection, honesty, awareness, and pain (to name a few).

We waste such a great portion of our lives doing mindless trivial things to stimulate an empty entertainment of our happiness-hooked brains; when most of that time would be easily manifested into a genuine and lasting experience of joy —simply by embracing life, as is.

We spend our adolescence rushing towards an overly romanticized adulthood, and spend adulthood chasing after a fantasy of the childhood we never actually lived. We want our french fries and we want to eat them too. At three am. On a school night. We want our bicycles back and we want to ride them too. At three am. On a work night.

What can we do to transform ourselves? How does a person evolve from the mindless pursuit of immediate gratification to an existence filled with lasting satisfaction?

We must develop a sincere recognition of our feelings, and bravely acknowledge them — in spite of the discomfort and awkwardness they present for us. We must step boldly in front of ourselves with eyes wide open. We’ve got to establish an unshakeable confidence in our own personal power; a deep abiding trust that no matter how the circumstances may seem, we are a people who are going places. We might get taken under, on occasion, by invisible currents we weren’t prepared to swim against. But even still, we are headed somewhere. We are a force in motion. And so:

We keep on keeping on.

This is an excerpt from my comment in response to a post of Robert Hookey’s. You can find him (and said post) at http://youvebeenhooked.wordpress.com …’The Hook’ is a published author with an approachable point of view. For direct access to his blog, please view the first comment below; there you will find a ‘clickable’ hyperlink.