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In the inner sanctuary
Behind the grand curtain
(which composes itself
of our own misconceptions alone)
There lies a peace that has no name
No human word can take its form
No mortal utterance can grasp
Its height, depth, width, girth
And effervescent reach
Into our pre– life-on-earth core
It can, if we allow the curtain no more
Hold over all that we see

This requires a huge, enlightened wisdom
An understanding-surpassing peace
Three-hundred foot dive into purpose
Too deep
For the indwelling presence confusion can’t see

It takes a lot of irrational belief
Unfounded intuition and gut-level instinct
To rise above eye-level perspective
And go against reason
And worldly reflection
And confident, trust only faith to set free

Every lonely concern that consumes us inside
Refuses us gifts that already were given
Not by our merit,
But grace from so high

Beyond our own hemisphere
Outside the atmosphere
Never contingent on circumstanced life
Most crazy, ridiculous undeserved love
The source of all life
It is heaven above

And here within too,
That coldest dark room
Will never again
Feel remotely the same

For in it, once found
There is everything gained.

If this kind of pain can bring this kind of truth,
I’ll gladly endure it — and then some — for You.

Jesus, you hold now my hand in your heart.


Picture This: (How I Feel)

Picture This: (How I Feel)

Got 3 Minutes? (my word for the day)

Got 3 Minutes? (my word for the day)

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Powerful wavelength. Love to you beautiful people, good vibrations and joy in this day.

Christianity, minus the sugarcoating.

Christianity, minus the sugarcoating.

I’ve had my moments lately of head-slamming frustration, fist-shaking anger, prideful temper tantrums where I stomped my foot and marked my territory and made it clear that I’m the boss of me.

Yeah… God won’t stand for that.

Sometimes, like just sucks. It sucks the life right out of you. Sucks your heart dry until all you feel capable of doing is crying, yelling, or disappearing. Anybody who argues against that has never been passionate about anything, has never trusted another human being completely, has never taken a single chance or stepped outside of their comfort zone. Successful people aren’t born successful; success is the result of diligence in the face of fatigue, perseverance in the face of obstacles, willpower in the face of isolation, commitment in the face of disregard. Success implies a necessary challenge; otherwise it would be nothing more than surviving. I don’t want to survive my losses — which are as much a part of life as breathing; I want to succeed from them.

The common misconception about what it means to live for Christ is that you suddenly get a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card.

If only.

It’s quite the contrary. You’ll find yourself facing sudden giants you never saw coming. You’ll find yourself hiking the loneliest mountains you never saw on the horizon. And you might pause in your walk to ask why on earth life became so much harder than it was without God in it.

Atheists (in my own personal experiences) typically possess this generalization that Christians are weak-minded, gullible people with no real desire to learn about how life works, with no real desire to become a successful person who willingly educated themselves about the real world. For any atheists that might be reading this, I dare you to try Christianity on for size. It isn’t for the faint of heart, I’ll tell you that much.

As a person surrenders to the Lord, they begin to see their life and the world around them as if for the first time. It is colorful. It is vivid. It is breathtaking. But the visual is no longer shrouded in old defense mechanisms designed to shield us from the pain. When others fail us or break our hearts we are forced to experience the pain in humility. No retaliating, no bitter words of contempt; nope. It’s forgiveness instead of blame.

I dont care if you’re the Dalai Lama himself; that’s rough. It unnatural to us. It goes against everything we feel entitled to do. And that’s precisely why so much of mainstream Christianity is a dishonest lifestyle in contrast to the true living God.

Success is not living in abundance any more than winning the lottery makes you rich; money comes and goes, friends. Integrity, loyalty, honor: these are the truths that endure forever.

The suffering that comes with walking in the footsteps of Jesus is not a sign that you aren’t Christian enough. It’s a sign that you’re alive, and that quite possibly… You’re getting it right.

Suffering is not from God, period. He is not the source of our many pains. And the fact that we aren’t miraculously rescued from our plights every single time we encounter them is NOT an indication that God is “punishing” us, or that we don’t “deserve” His mercy. In actuality, our very disbelief that we are forced to suffer at all is a great example of how little we understand of what the grace of God really is, and what mercy truly means.

His peace does not remove the problem any more than courage removes the source of fear. If that were the case, it wouldn’t be called peace and it wouldn’t be called courage. Courage requires an element of doom, it demands a certain challenge within us. Likewise, peace would not be peace without the presence of chaos. Yin and yang; that’s life. That’s real.

To suggest to a hurting person that God believes you can handle what you’re going through is like saying God is made of marshmallows. Ridiculous. If we could handle it on our own, what would be the point? He created us and He died for our salvation because He loved us unconditionally, and because He knew we needed Him. Do we bring children into this world because we are excited to have a baby and immediately send it off into the real world? That would be a huge waste of nine BRUTAL months, if you’re a woman. Naturally, we create our children with immense love, and a huge part of that love is tied into the daily things we do for them. Teaching them how to feed themselves, how to walk, how to read, how to take a bath and brush their teeth and handle bullies and be a friend to others. Those are the most meaningful parts of being a parent; the most beautiful aspects of having a child.

God knew we would be lost and hopeless without Him, and that is exactly why He paid the ultimate price for our redemption, so that we could hold on to the hope above all hope when there was no hope to be seen around us. We can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS US. Not through Christ who makes our life ice cream flavored happiness with rainbow celebrations in place of grief.

But I’m finding my own little rainbows in the middle of the thunderstorms. And the intensity of these rainbows is more brilliant than any box of Lucky Charms ever could be.

If you tend to get your panties in a wad easily, please do not read this.

If you tend to get your panties in a wad easily, please do not read this.

On my recent post “Good conquers evil, but are we willing to examine HOW?,” a very insightful reader and incredibly deep thinking fellow blogger SprinklinThoughts shared his reaction to my article. It touched a deep nerve in my spirit in a wonderful way. So I’m sharing my response to his comment, bracing myself fully for the various emotions it will likely ignite within my beautiful readers. 🙂

Religion — Christianity specifically — has evolved into some sort of fraternity… Everyone ‘pledges’ their loyalty to joining the organization, ‘rushes’ to prove their commitment to the title that comes with it, goes through some various ritualistic initiation process whereby they are inducted into the badge-wearing membership, then joins the ranks of like-minded puppets perpetuating the meaninglessness of gathering together for the appearance of standing for something — for a few hours each week, tops —and then swiftly returns to their real world where they comfortably let it all hang out.

That’s hurtful to the very belief Christianity claims to stand for. It’s a mime dancing in a see-through box; a speech given to the masses with no platform or microphone; a sacrifice and an honor without the sacrifice, or the honor.

The true warriors for Christ are rarely seen in those crowds of bumper-sticker proclamations of faith and name brand clothing-adorned popular people who say all the right things at all the right times and stand behind white picket fences.

The real warriors for Christ are the unseen men and women walking through the inner city streets, witnessing to the homeless and the broken, holding the drug-addicted and criminally-driven souls all the shiny people forgot about.

They are the ones with reckless boldness, fearless honesty, selfless love, walking unacknowledged roads in unfamiliar places to find the lost and hurting world and heal it through actions of compassion instead of words of empty status acquisitions.

They are the ones you never hear about, the ones gathering in increasing numbers on a constant basis; Sunday mornings they have church in the day shelters and their church is nothing more than assembly of love and heart-filled worship sung by the sacrifices they make for the lost.

Friday nights and Tuesday afternoons. They don’t have the latest t-shirts worn as a statement of their beliefs. Their beliefs are written all over their faces, revealing themselves through every action they take in every moment of their day.

That’s what “Jesus would do.” That’s what a real Christian is, and does. They may attend a traditional church — I’m not church-bashing here — but the church is not their IDENTITY. Their identity is the undeniable presence of the Holy Spirit, stirring within you every time you are near these people, brimming up and spilling out and making you wonder exactly what it is about them that’s so… DIFFERENT.

Christianity is not a fraternity, and you don’t have to rush or pledge or be hazed to know the One and Only Everlasting God. The King of Kings is in your living room, in your memories, in your current circumstance and always with you, now and forever, like it or not. You cannot earn His approval because we are all unworthy. We are all broken and messed up and flawed in our own unique ways. His love can’t be earned because He gives it out of His own deepest, purest, UNCONDITIONAL love for us. Not because we pledged. You can experience His presence anywhere, anytime. Because even when you feel like God is a joke and life is stupid, He is still right beside you, right within you, loving you all the same.