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In the inner sanctuary
Behind the grand curtain
(which composes itself
of our own misconceptions alone)
There lies a peace that has no name
No human word can take its form
No mortal utterance can grasp
Its height, depth, width, girth
And effervescent reach
Into our pre– life-on-earth core
It can, if we allow the curtain no more
Hold over all that we see

This requires a huge, enlightened wisdom
An understanding-surpassing peace
Three-hundred foot dive into purpose
Too deep
For the indwelling presence confusion can’t see

It takes a lot of irrational belief
Unfounded intuition and gut-level instinct
To rise above eye-level perspective
And go against reason
And worldly reflection
And confident, trust only faith to set free

Every lonely concern that consumes us inside
Refuses us gifts that already were given
Not by our merit,
But grace from so high

Beyond our own hemisphere
Outside the atmosphere
Never contingent on circumstanced life
Most crazy, ridiculous undeserved love
The source of all life
It is heaven above

And here within too,
That coldest dark room
Will never again
Feel remotely the same

For in it, once found
There is everything gained.

If this kind of pain can bring this kind of truth,
I’ll gladly endure it — and then some — for You.

Jesus, you hold now my hand in your heart.


If you’ve got a problem, yo I’ll solve it…

If you’ve got a problem, yo I’ll solve it…

Throughout the course of my blogging experiences (as well as most of my life experiences lately), I’ve acquired a great accumulation of advice-type correspondences. I suppose this is the result of my deeply inquisitive nature, met with my love of people and my natural tendency of quickly recognizing the source of conflict and involuntarily recognizing possible solutions to said conflict(s). Surprisingly, I’ve discovered an overwhelming receptiveness to my advice; and in almost every circumstance, the advice was transformative and greatly helped in some way.

I enjoy the power of conflict-resolution; God created an uncanny desire within me to use my deep (and often overwhelming) empathy as a source for good in the lives of those around me. That very desire — the longing to bring a sense of peace and clarity and a fresh perspective to anyone who is struggling, hurting, confused, and/or in need of encouragement, direction, input, or advice of any kind — has created a very cool (and unexpected) path before me:

I’m starting an ‘advice column’ of sorts.

I’m not Dear Abby, but it seems to me there is a great need for holistic encouragement in many different walks of life, for many different reasons; and for whatever reason, it seems to be something God has gifted in me.

As I grow my advice page (it will be on this blog, as a separate page eventually), I will be accepting questions, inquiries, comments, and whatever else you’re inclined to share with me.

Previous issues I’ve addressed vary greatly. Relationships, spirituality, career choices, writing, friendships, family dynamics, abuse, addiction, codependency, time management, depression, mental illness, life changes, lifestyle choices, health, wellness, parenting, eating disorders, and just about all the stuff in-between.

I am not a professional therapist, and none of my contributions should replace qualified medical treatment where health or mental health are involved. However, my educational background met with my extensive hands-on experience and training with these real-life problems provide for both an intuitive and an objective approach to the resolution of most conflict experienced within the above parameters of day-to-day real-life issues for all of us.

My goal here is to use the abilities created within me to bring light to the shadows; to bring peace to counter chaos; to help discover clarity where it cannot seem to be found. God willing, this might help a few people who could use a listening ear and a compassionate heart. I’ll be that for you, if you need it.

If you’d like advice with something, or just want someone to listen to you vent your frustrations, you can contact me via email at:


All correspondences will remain completely confidential, and will not be published without explicit consent. I look forward to talking with you, traveling the unpredictable journeys with you, and being a part of your solution manifestation.

Be blessed!