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I’m a Circle, Squared

I’m a Circle, Squared

“Keep on going,” in what was meant as a whisper
Collapses heavy now in the kaleidescopic membranes of my cerebellum.

Sound. Wave. Bounce off the eardrum
And make these synapses dance
(Dancing is as dancing does)

At midnight, with her slipper

For coming undone
Becoming won under (and -over occasions)
In which
Serendipity has taken a chance

Shines here, the sun.

On me.
(A lady, I honor my bets)
As good as it gets
Ready set goes it,
Sudden ka-pow

The mind is full of fireworks
They startle,
Us in times as these
Butterflies flitter
And weakening knees

As if the throttle
of humanity’s collective consciousness is broken
in the full-on hammer-down position/stance.

Which way are we going? Which way are we going?

Faster than you planned to navigate
But that’s what seatbelts were made for.
The oops we should have done better.
Maybe next time, maybe never

Collision, and light, met with color and sky.

Brain. Wave.
Tell my mouth what to say,
Unspeaking with wild-eyed wonder.

Plunder, under, deeper beneath
Action: reaction. Equal is ever is
Always that thunder
Goes boom
and it

…rolls baby, my how it rolls

The birth of a thought

Hypothalamus triggered
(Quite the old giver)
And given to all sorts of whimsies, I’m told.

…my brain always tells me what to say.
I do not like her anyway.

Floating on a frequency
Is much like flying,
Only not.

And beneath the calm collectedness
The heart pushes over and over,

The blood through its chambers
Emotion is danger

With peace being sought

What is a pulse called
Without one’s own body?

Without any certainty
Ready as ever
Certainly I’m not so sure anymore
Sure only now that the curse is the cure
One and then two
As these thoughts often do

They are their own compass
And majesty too.

Buckle your shoe
(I do, yes I do)

Bellow your truth
To the oceans of forever surrounding you.
Once I lost myself at sea
The sea had lost herself in me

Return to thee, return to thee.

What are we made of?
Statistics suggest
I am 80% water
But only 50% dense

Evaporated plans for a future
Once so wide
My sea isn’t dead
It became my blue sky

Continually catapulting
Myself through its forever,
My soul through its endlessness
Bracing its abysses

I must say I was in fact
always partial to flying
If given to choose between an eternity of blue
Where one is wet and one is You,

My perfect-fallen night
The stars were always meant to soothe

Orion and her belt
Are dancing-dipping with a dipper

So much love
And “going on, I keep”
A whisper only with her.