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In the inner sanctuary
Behind the grand curtain
(which composes itself
of our own misconceptions alone)
There lies a peace that has no name
No human word can take its form
No mortal utterance can grasp
Its height, depth, width, girth
And effervescent reach
Into our pre– life-on-earth core
It can, if we allow the curtain no more
Hold over all that we see

This requires a huge, enlightened wisdom
An understanding-surpassing peace
Three-hundred foot dive into purpose
Too deep
For the indwelling presence confusion can’t see

It takes a lot of irrational belief
Unfounded intuition and gut-level instinct
To rise above eye-level perspective
And go against reason
And worldly reflection
And confident, trust only faith to set free

Every lonely concern that consumes us inside
Refuses us gifts that already were given
Not by our merit,
But grace from so high

Beyond our own hemisphere
Outside the atmosphere
Never contingent on circumstanced life
Most crazy, ridiculous undeserved love
The source of all life
It is heaven above

And here within too,
That coldest dark room
Will never again
Feel remotely the same

For in it, once found
There is everything gained.

If this kind of pain can bring this kind of truth,
I’ll gladly endure it — and then some — for You.

Jesus, you hold now my hand in your heart.


Love: Quantifying the Unquantifiable


The following post was completely inspired by my all-time favorite blogger, Mr. M (also known as the Great SprinklinThoughts). He happens to be my spiritual brother — my only brother — and a powerful human being with this mad-crazy, uncanny grip on all things meaningful. His recent piece moved me, and challenged me to dig deep deep down into the center of who I am — and examine just exactly what I’m made of. Read his post, and share your thoughts with him on his blog.

“Saying I Love You” by SprinklinThoughts

Then, if you’re still free for a second or two, swing back by here and let me know what you think.

Here is what I had to say in response to the question SprinklinThoughts inspired, “Why do we water down ‘love’?” (To paraphrase; why are we afraid to say ‘I love you’?)

There are two forms of love (this is the duality of love); worldly love, and spirit love. We could also look at is as conditional love, and agape love. Or human love, and divine love. Or limited love, and infinite love.

While there are undeniably a few highly enlightened human beings who have mastered an understanding of limitless, unconditional, divine agape love, there is an inescapable humanness in the application, or expression of that kind of love.

Due to the limitations of our carnal nature, even the most pure and holy of men will somehow fall short in the expression of agape love.

I find this motivating, however — not debilitating — to our practice of walking in this kind of love; speaking of this kind of love; holding on dearly to this sacred kind of love. We cannot run from purity just because perfection is unobtainable; that is all the more reason to pursue it doggedly; unabashedly; wildly, with all we’ve got.

People shy away from what they cannot comprehend. People are trepidatious of the unfamiliar… And in the case of “I love you,” everyone on the receiving end typically asks the internal question “Okay, what is this person wanting from me?” Tragic, that we have allowed our spirits to become so guarded and skeptical; and yet in this greedy and heartless culture we have collectively created for ourselves, it is the most practical and protective measure we subconsciously take to prevent any possible vandalization of what small sacredness we have managed to retain within ourselves.

I say we rise up and teach the world how to love again. How to love without demand, without expectation, without reason or justification.

I say we return to the holiness from which we came, and dwell in the vibration of agape sincerity, and give it without hesitation or reservation — and do it OFTEN.

Got 3 Minutes? (my word for the day)

Got 3 Minutes? (my word for the day)

I blog from my phone and for whatever reason the app doesn’t allow me to post “clickable” links within the body of my posts, so please visit the comment section and click on the clicky link I’ve got waiting for you there.

Powerful wavelength. Love to you beautiful people, good vibrations and joy in this day.

Waxing Poetic

Waxing Poetic

I sat in the sunshine today
And heard the taste of laughter

It was one of those moments
When nothing else matters

Kind of like the time
The sirens went off in the middle of the night
For no reason whatsoever
Over and over, the incessant beeping
As an unwarranted warning
That life has its own sense of humor,
found in the sense it refuses to make sometimes

But then again, one plus two is blue
The sky’s reflection
Is the water’s reflection
Is also known as one plus two. Seriously. This is how everything, all of it, works.
The answer of the universe,

Finally, I get it.

Time hurried up and slowed down today.
And this time, I let it.

Funny how much peace lies in the not resisting.
I rested today too.
But it was lonely there in that feeling,
Silence, whose echo goes by a name I’ve long-since forgotten.

In the sun’s shining, there was anti-matter. I found some; it’s real.
Rather surreal, but you’d have to see for yourself to believe it. Kind of like the man on the moon. You should go there too. I hear the seasons are mild.

It is quiet again. Less lonely somehow. Children sleeping crickets with that cacophanous non-stop chirping distant dog barking and literally hundreds of locusts longing to mate. I hear them all: the dreams, the joy-noises of the night, the nature-made lullaby of earth and her lovelies. It feels so much like heaven in this instant. Trees. Leaves; I hear too how the wind makes them move. Moonlit twilight rendezvous.

I once felt sad, for I had no shoes.
Then I met a man who had no feet.

“Perspective,” wisdom whispers, “is everything.”

a soul-vibration

a soul-vibration

I am

Neon warrior
Fight or flight footsteps with the
Fragrance of femininity
Like the falling of autumn

On top of us
Inside myself

Various stages of what could be
What hasn’t been
What should be
…’yet’ is a purpose, not a place or a thing

But don’t they know love is a verb?
Things that no one has heard
The mind — not the ear — listens

Supposing these suppositional pleas
Where hunger is pure energy

In a life full of liveliest need
…Comets fly peaceably, never ask please

Shooting the stars
Above decibel sound
Measuring volume beyond what is loud


Becoming, as truth in its season
(I settle the undone-still parts of myself
Like scores, kept and measured)
But still within reason

Belonging not here and not there
And not ever
Heavy and clever
The past has been severed

Kept keen in the keeping;
A sharpening wit
As iron with iron
So knowingly sits
But not on a shelf

Here the purity dwells
Content with existence
Sent forth in an instant
No need to resist
In honesty: delve

Untucked and untied
And well-suited for pressure
An inclimate force
Too massive to measure

Pressing it down
Around on all sides
Rise, swiftly rise
Child’s love in the eyes

The here and the now
To both,
I am tethered

…such an unnatural venture

Collecting the edges
Cut off, as with toast
The pain of it nothing
Of which I can boast

Wound. Have you ever?
A truest endeavor

Winding, unfolding
The mind and heart molding
A mind full with knowing
That freedom is bound

And happiness happens
…whenever, wherever
Much like awareness
Wrings out, ring around all this

Meaningful meaning
(The up search comes down…)
Horizons of newness
My happiness: now.

It’s me. In a shoe
Though I wear it quite well…
My mind and my passion
Comprise both the veil
And the failures

All seat themselves
First for the feast
On growth, as a principle
All of us eat

We should dance and be merry
Hold on and release

Like a heart that’s too bold
Within rhythm to beat
A synchronous schism;
The loneliest peace

Requiem likeness

Prelude is east
As far as the west is from… speaking of the



Motion; a hymn.
So sing now, my soul
A melodious yin

Yes is the yang
Disappointment, a song
Embrace it and face it
My game face is on

There is no taking off
And no landing here, either

It glows
Quietest joyfulness shows

These innermost parts
Of what matters the most
Only the spirit
Alone, can it know

God is my witness
No promises, though.

Yes’s be yes’s,
My no’s will be no’s

Centered and focused
And I know

The self
Like no other
— (Or no other will, I have learned I am learning) —
The gap between now and tomorrow:
It slows

Life by assignment
Not chance

He devined it
On time and yet timeless

It is here and
I am.