Mother Nature’s Pissed and We’re All About To Die

Mother Nature’s Pissed and We’re All About To Die

No, this isn’t satire. And it isn’t my typical style of blog post either, but something sinister is going down and nobody seems to be noticing.

Remember that not-so-long-ago catastrophe at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Facility? The one where a lot of radioactive waste suddenly and irreversibly exploded into our ecosystem?

Yes. Right.

Well, this horrifying event we so quickly forgot about is only getting started with its fierce and formidable destruction. Yet coincidentally, the media here in the United States fails to find anything alarming about what is happening–so little in fact, that I’ll bet five bucks you have no clue what I’m talking about.

See for yourselves, friends. What you’re about to watch may completely freak you the eff out.

Fukushima was merely the epicenter of what has become a global crisis; click here to learn more about our current dilemma.

This second video is a potent documentary for anyone who’s interested in a merciless refresher-crash-course of the original Fukushima catastrophe.

Between Miley Cyrus’s twerk-jerking and Holiday sales prices, there is a powerful and nauseating disconnect taking place in our world today. If the video doesn’t reveal this for you would you please let me know? I will take it as my sign from God it’s time I turn doomsday prepper and go very (very) deep into hiding from all of you.

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
Winston Churchill


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  1. I was a working journalist for almost 20 years until I got out. The reason for the disconnect you describe is down to the simple fact that the owners of media conglomerates have now decided, in the best Charles Foster Kane style, that there’s more money to be made in owning the news rather than just the forces which disseminate it. A shocking example is Rupert Murdoch’s ongoing sponsorship of conservative governments in Australia – in return for twisting the reporting of the recent elections there, he’s about to benefit for a law change which will allow him to buy a TV network and obtain exclusive access to prime sporting events usually shown on free to air. In the US, most of the media has a hopelessly pro-Obama bias, so instead of focussing on the real news (his destruction of the economy and our liberties) they focus on twerking etc. If you own the instruments for telling the truth, you own the truth.

    • During a series of debates on socialism (published in 1914), John Basil Barnhill proposed that, “Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.”

      While liberty itself is not necessarily an American reality, the pursuit of liberty is, in fact, still a constitutional freedom. Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared from the landscape of our society’s awareness.

      I count myself incredibly privileged to have readers of your caliber, Seb. Thank you for the timely and relevant contribution you’ve made here.

  2. This world is on a certain path and, just like when one walks down the path/street to get to a destination, the world’s path will lead to a certain destination… not a pretty one… I’ve been following (or pursuing) this kind of stuff for 40+ years and have finally come to the realization that there really is nothing that can be done — unless the people wake up, which will not happen in time (take for example the carbon dioxide thing which has a delay of 20-30 years — we are now living with what was generated 20-30 years ago. Even if we stop today –not possible–, it’s too late because we’ll still have 20-30 years of ‘worsening’)… I suppose the best way (although slightly crazed) for me to explain is to relay what a tree (yes a real live tree) told me when I asked why & how it could “deal” with this destruction (as I saw another beautiful tree being cut down to make room for a widened road)… the tree said “What is, is what must be.” Perhaps not very encouraging but realistic… and it has helped me to deal with all of this… Sorry I can’t be more positive, uplifting, or proactive but… well it’s like when the big explosion/disaster comes, all that’s left is to say your prayers and deal with the aftermath…

    Still… a good post and don’t give up… we can’t give up… we’re not meant to… 🙂

    • This reminds me of a zen buddhist proverb that was very important to me in college (and I’m surprised to realize I haven’t reflected on it much at all over the years since):

      Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

  3. I think the media gives people what they want. Personally, I’ve had to swear off media because the constant reminders of our own blatant consumerism causes me to lose my will to live. I have a couple kids, and for that reason, I find it important that I remain living.

  4. I’ve been catching some online articles that are attempting to expose what’s really going on with the Fukushima disaster… for instance, this link:

    It seems like the media (and government) response to current global crises is just to bury them in the hope they will go away. What else do you do with problems that seem too big to tackle, right?

    I fear for the future we are leaving to our kids. Wouldn’t want to be them…

  5. The pacific has seen much atomic weight since 45.

    We live in a world of selling sound bites, and taglines, and with the fickle nature to parts of the world’s population, a prolonged inundation of negative news on a single topic from the media stops selling. Media corporations don’t like being unprofitable, no mater the cost.

    A lot of people think the Pacific is a vast place, it is, but leak enough poison for long enough into the oceans currents, and it will be like snake venom coursing through the veins of a living human being, if left unchecked, and unresolved, eventually the body will become comatose and die, without a single heartbeat to follow, a lifeless shell left to decay, and breakdown, a will nature.

    Eventually nature does find a way (often through its own violent cycles) to live again in the long term, but in a much different way, even in as vast a place as the Pacific, but much will of departed, and much will of changed.

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