4 Minutes and 7 Seconds of Sacredness


((Click on these words to find it.))

A holy grail, of sorts. Beauty and meaningfulness beyond words. If you know me, you’ll understand why. If you don’t, it’ll have its own reasons for you.

Be blessed, dear friends. I think of you.


My dad: my homeostasis. Gratitude.


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  1. Growing up with swamps, and flash flooding creeks, where dust lines each, as the waterholes sit cast of granite stone, at times a hunger climbed to be below the sea, to live where the saltwater people share their songlines, amongst the oceanic grace untethered, adrift beneath the tidal moons, where the coral waits on Spring, the dreaming stories, out between the oceans, and the seas, within the grace of those whom live below the waves.

    Each time to listen, watch, to feel the water wrap around ones face, like silk dancing on rising thermal, lifting spirit from the depths within a different place, for each, a different way. I dig the moment, much 🙂

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