A quick thought to ponder…

A quick thought to ponder…

“For a woman to explore and express the fullness of her sexuality, her emotional and intellectual capacities, would entail who knows what risks and who knows what truly revolutionary alteration of social conditions that demean and constrain her.

Or she may go on trying to fit herself into the order of the world and thereby consign herself forever to the bondage of some stereotype of normal femininity – a perversion if you will.”

–Louise J. Kaplan


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    • Drink in
      The smoggy bottom of every glass
      Be rapt with it, have affairs with it, be seduced
      By the fullness of experience
      Making it mine, yours, each one’s meaning
      Of life, and the mind will quickly fall
      In perfect time, in line
      With this tendency towards
      The crippled nature of our souls

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