Generation X or Generation Why?

Generation X or Generation Why?

In a seldom stillness
Our species grows nowhere

An unstoppable force
Yet an object unmoved

Some of this has to do with the things we haven’t done, the bucket
So filled with expectations

Listing them, we too
Are insatiable with wanting
and dissatisfied with truth

Such a textbook example
Of the toll taken
Of the climate
Of the times

Horizons from the future forewarn,
and in so doing
Write us of the view:
We are cold amidst trends of global warming
We are least despite tendencies of more

We are all on a quest for admissibility,
an admonishing journey
Which should be deplored
Away from sensibility;
Of insensitivity, towards

And awareness is hiding in wait
for the prohibition
Of our antonym-driven distinctions:

We are young or we’re old, we live or we die

The divisions through which we see
Are preconceptions of the mind

And all the while
The earth is quaking
Yet no one can feel it
For mistake-making busy-ness

Too busy
Too soon
The child of the crack will so similarly fall through
Down, in this way leaving the wise disappointed and the innocent confused

…for emptiness, there will always be room

We owe it all to the ones who came before; the ones who come after
Will make the same guiltless claim
Denial, because it’s easier than ownership
And we, a laziest species, have


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  1. Another great thought-provoking post… “And all the while the earth is quaking” – a most astute observation… but sad…

    I think that each generation essentially goes through the same process (of growth, questioning, maturity, etc.) except that each is further down the path (a big impact) which the preceding generation walked… and each continues down that path (rather than choose a new one)…

    Alternatively, Neil Howe and William Strauss have an interesting theory which they wrote about in their book “The Fourth Turning” (I have not read it, having just discovered the web site) – … that proposes that generations run in four recurring cycles, called “turnings”.

    …just a thought 🙂

  2. In becoming tethered to societies ever growing conveniences, as humanity is left by the weigh-side in favour of cultural assimilation, the destruction of diversity will in turn nullify many opportunities for escape, but for…

    Just pondering above, and below: Incredible lines, and words for thought, Brandy…

    Where the world of the natural, and free waits patiently as we tread upon her, she ponders our collisions in the race to tame her every move. Waiting to turn our worlds inside out when no more will she take our childish games, nor tolerate the lack of humanity, now replaced by in that which does not bleed.

    • In the race to tame her every move,
      Mother nature checkmates every triumph
      We are fools to call achievement
      For she keeps no score, no numbers count
      The race to such infinite shame;
      We build our malls in which to shop
      She rumbles quakes, in one deft move
      Erases every stake we’ve claimed
      Tsunamis floods and hurricanes
      And here in Oklahoma, rampant twisters from the sky
      Collect their due upon her cue
      And lucky, not to die
      She teaches us how we should count
      With moments passing by

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