It all falls heavy on me.

It all falls heavy on me.

My typical daydream-tendency of deep contemplation throughout each day has felt different lately. Things are heavier now; more tangible somehow.

There certainly seems to be a shift in the collective consciousness’ wavelength; there’s a whole lot of sorrow and a maddening amount of madness and a general consensus that seems set on sadness.

Instead of abiding the urge of resisting it, I took a leap of faith and embraced it. I let it come over me, strong and heavy, until it settled and began to form itself around my understanding of what it all meant.

Why is everyone so sad lately? What on earth is going on? Where has all the laughter gone?

I found the answers to these questions. If you’d like to explore what I found, please watch the video posted in the first comment below.


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    • I say follow that affirmation to whatever awareness it brings you.

      I have experienced some inexplicable synchronicities recently, among some exchanges between myself and people I hold very dear; the type of God-winks that make you stop dead in your tracks and go, “Uhhhh… Ok God, I’m listening…”

      There’s a rushing forward of momentum. It’s a little overwhelming, to be honest. But I’m trying to embrace it, and brace myself for whatever awaits.

      Thanks for reading.

  1. The other night my boyfriend texted that the moon was huge and red. I ran outside to see, and couldn’t find it. I ran down the street and into a field, still couldn’t see it. I was imagining that somewhere it looked much like this photo. 🙂 Then as I came home, I finally saw it. It was in the other direction and beyond a construction site, right behind my house. If I had just stayed on my porch I would have seen it..but instead I ran all around town in the dark trying to find it. I’m not sure if there’s a metaphor in there..but it seems like there may be 🙂 I love the picture and definitely need to watch the video. For some reason it’s not working for it the collective soul song? I can find it!

    • On YouTube, search for “Collective Soul ~ The world I know (1995)”… The video is created by “valleynissei”, is 4:17 long, and has some 10,800 views.

      The song (“the world I know”) is great, but this video distinctively cues in to your precise comment, ironically. If you find the video, you’ll see what I mean. Craziness. 🙂

      Song: ‘The world I know’ Artist: Collective Soul

  2. To share a thought, there are many places I’ve walked, I’ve even seen those places, undesirable, and sad. And what came about in a few small words follows having watched the video…

    Falls heavy

    The world falls heavy on me
    Time takes its toll to grieve
    But I walk outside, beneath the sky
    And I know just where I am today.
    And I know just where I am today..

    The rain falls heavy on me
    Weather takes the leaves of trees
    But I climb to the top to see the clouds
    And I know just where the Sun’s today.
    And I know just where the Sun’s today..

    The darkness falls heavy on me
    Places alone beneath fallen leaves
    But I run until to reach the top of the ridge
    And I know just where night’s stars will be.
    And I know just where night’s stars will be..

    Oh can’t we see all the scars we leave
    About an earth all bent far across the seas
    So much change, so much waste
    Soon our wills come to lack life’s taste

    In a world I know, it all falls heavy on me
    In a world I know, it all falls heavy on me

    • You consistently greet me with these majestic bouquets of neon-blooming wisdom, as if perpetually freshly plucked directly from the wilderness of life, specifically for me, perfectly timed and placed in my day. I may not always receive the comments in a likewise timely fashion, but they always matter to me. I hope you know that.
      Thank you.

      • Much is good to know, muchly. Where time carries all its moments in different ways for different folk. It’s good to know you’re just out there, between any day the weather speaks, sings the songs to living (being one of five, I know how many days can be hectic, while time escapes to overflow).

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