When we loose the creative power of our thoughts to set the momentum of our spirit in motion, we are unwittingly permitting ourselves the liberty of truly being, precisely what we are: free. Constantly changing. Perpetually evolving into a more deeply dimensional whole of the previous fragmented parts of ourselves. When we step outside of the feelings we’ve grown all too accustomed to existing within as we carry out our day, and we shift our perspective to see things from a higher vantage point, we make the greatest progress of all. The progress is not measured by the circumstances surrounding us. The progress is marked by a sudden shift in how we feel, how we perceive, how we empathize, how we interact, how we behave. The progress comes over us like the unexpected shift in seasons; we go to bed hot and tired, beaten by the intensity of an endless summer sun; and we awake to a slightly more slanted sunrise creeping down into our morning with the newness of a cool autumn breeze on our sunburnt skin.

It’s clockwork, and yet it always feels new and seems to come to us out of nowhere.

Progress is much the same. We run ourselves ragged and work ourselves into a familiar mindless oblivion, forgetting that the goal of our efforts exists whatsoever… Until one unassuming day much like any other, when we are met with some sudden result hanging in wait for us at the usual start of our day… And then we fall blindsided by the ‘miracle’ before us. Stunned, we step back from it all in attempt to process the change, the success, the progress… When we should have known all along it was bound to arrive and it surely would. Still, it always surprises us.

Funny how autumn slams itself head-first into existence like that. How easily we forget that every summer day is one step closer to the coming of fall. And the magic: it always feels new.


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  1. “When we step outside of the feelings we’ve grown all too accustomed to existing within as we carry out our day, and we shift our perspective to see things from a higher vantage point, we make the greatest progress of all.” I am in love with this sentence. This is really powerful. I will carry this with me so it can remind me that this opportunity is always available at any moment. Thanks for another beautiful post.

    • Don’t you know that you are a shooting star? Don’t you know?

      This is one of many reasons I send much hopeful energy into the possibility of your blog continuing: it stands out in my world as a huge example of a timeless and unlimited connection between two perfect strangers. I don’t really know you, but I completely know you as I know my kneecap or my handwriting; in some inexplicable way, we are a part of each other and the interaction continues to profoundly move and consistently inspire. And what on earth is a blog for, if not that remote and unlikely chance event? Powerful. Thank you for another beautiful comment. I look forward to many more. (Hint. Hint.) πŸ™‚

  2. Wow Brandy, have no clue why but this post made me think of my life, it also made me think this thought, unsure why:

    “Funny how when we are so busy, doing chores, grocery shopping, and working, that our actual life (the people we love) are growing older, so in essence makes me think that our lives are passing us by, from doing really nonsense things, when the time could be better spent just “loving” others around us rather than some meaningless chore of cleaning out a bedroom closet.”

    No clue why your post brought about the above thought, think the thought of “time” itself has been on my mind lately, and this post brings about a ton of thoughts, (that means it’s a great piece of art).

    I love the summer sun, and sad to see the end of summer, although sure knowing you, the summer sun most likely was signifying something much deeper. Love this theme, it suits you so much!

    Seems your readers like the theme too! Love the new writing style lately…more please?


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