ATTN: To all my wordpress kinfolk


I am in the midst of several beautiful conversations on my blog and elsewhere, on many of my fellow happy blogspaces (if you’re looking for a new blog to follow check the list of recent commenters on my blog. If you see one you aren’t familiar with, check it! Good people, great blogs.)

Anyhow, I’ve been knee-deep in craziness multiplied by the chaos of a garage sale (I don’t know why fall cleaning feels so much better than spring cleaning…)

So I apologize for halting the flow of ideas and I’m really excited to jump start them all back to life. I might be away until Monday but I look forward to reading up on your recent posts as well! …Something to look forward to. I love that.

Happy vibrations and loving thoughts.

For now,



About Brandy Desiree

"Call on me, and I will show you great and unsearchable things you do not know." --Jeremiah 33:3 I am a seeker. A lover. A doer. A thinker. I make music, I dance often, and I laugh. It's all hilarious, really. Everything. Look around you. My children teach me a lot about life. I have five boys, and yes I'm out of my mind. It works for me though; I think this world could honestly use just a little more crazy. A lot of humanity's problems could be solved by everybody taking themselves a little less seriously. I'm grateful and alive; a constantly evolving creature, thankful for the sunshine and just as thankful for the rain... Visit my corner of the universe and share yourself! My heart could implode with welcome for you.

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  1. “Knee-deep in craziness” …now that’d be a good title for someone’s blog 🙂 Happy vibrations to you too, ha!

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