A Cliffjumper’s Guide to the Galaxy

A Cliffjumper’s Guide to the Galaxy

Step 1: Explore it
Step 2: Enjoy it
Step 3: Repeat


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    • All I can say is that very smart people often have the same issues, wink wink, and I chose the natural route, with vitamins and waliking in the woods. Niacin, if you do the research – in history was the number 1 prescribed vitamin for ADD. No joke – Niacin will cure that crap ASAP. I shall look up my blog about it and send over the link…

  1. Hello Brandy Desiree,
    How are you? I wanted to get your advice on something….Would you mind taking a look at “Liz’s off-topic forums” on the comment I just made and take a look at the blog that I commented about, was trying to help the blogger here.
    Was I too harsh with words?
    The words are all true though….Would you mind adding your way with words to this conversation. You have a way with words that I don’t even know how to explain, your IQ must be through the roof!
    Girl, hope you plan on doing a whole lot of writing, cause you have some skills that you are not using here on this blog!
    Why are you hiding your skills from the world?
    Let them be free! I say free, as you do on Eccentric.

    • I’d be happy to check it out.

      Thank you for the flattery. 🙂 I have quite a journey before me if I plan to “become” some kind of somebody with my writing… Between my A.D.D. and my fifty-seven children (joking), I’m doing okay just to sort through ninety-seven brainwaves I have simultaneously vying for priority status in my already-inundated cranium; as Invisible Mikey pointed out quite well in “Conundrum,” I struggle endlessly between elaborating and minimizing. His suggestions are powerful tools much in the same way yours have been; I’m a firm believer in becoming better at whatever it is we do… I hit a brick wall with my book so I built a blog. So far, it’s providing ample space to learn, grow, share, and discover new inspiration. Thank you for guiding my way through the pain of theses beginning stages of learning how to blog.

  2. @Brandy and Readers: Please note the following from my previous comment and links:
    Niacin 400 mg Vitamin (available everywhere and at any grocery store)
    Make sure it is NON-FLUSHING let me repeat non-flushing Niacin

  3. This issue gets me all fired up, let me just start typing here:
    1) YOU ARE NOT what that quack says you are
    2) YES, YOU ARE SUPER SMART, however you are not ADD, OR OCD or whatever they are saying
    3) Write out a schedule for yourself on paper for each day, this is key…things to do exact things!
    I am talking laundry, taking the dog out, feeding the dog, feeding kids, making dinner, going for a walk and blogging….this is key for smart people
    5) This OCD and ADD and blah blah blah from these quacks is a bunch of crap. Smart people across Ameriduh have been downgraded by these yahoo doctors to get people addicted to Ritalin, Adderal, Concerta and every other drug – so the drug companies can make millions.

    Let’s get one thing straight Brandy, YOU DO NOT HAVE OCD, ADD, OPP, OR ANYTHING ELSE!

    Smart people are always diagnosed with this…Why? We think too much.

    Make a list of your daily activities, do the list, check it twice, and take Niacin.

    Tired of these doctors giving out these drugs to smart people, for the drug companies to make millions. Bunch of BS in the US of A, or as I say AMERI-DUH! NATURAL IS THE WAY – ALWAYS!

    There is zero wrong with you….zero….don’t care what the therapist or doctor says, they all work with the drug companies!


  4. Sorry folks, but the drug companies and doctors, and their dealings in the United States are a very touch subject for me, it gets me very fired up. As we learned from the “Are truths Self Evident” post on Eccentric, each doctor’s opinion is biased in some way. They also have a massive interest in mis-diagnosis as they make a ton of money from the drug companies in America.

    No, Smart people are not OCD or ADD, they are simply super smart.

    Suck on that drug companies!

  5. Hey Brandy, while you are at it tonight:
    Myself and Northofforthyoncampus on the blogroll have quite a debate going on his site:
    It is his second blog post, you will see my comments. Would you mind heading over there and giving your words of insight on his post. I say, he needs to get his game in gear, and he says he got his game going on….I say oh, no you don’t. It is his 2nd post when you reach the homepage, it is a pretty funny post too!

  6. Ok, we do know that I am horrible at giving construcitve and “nice” criticism. That we do know, I tend to say things so direct that they seriously tick off the other person. You with you fountain of unknown words to me, say things so “pretty” and calmly. How do you do that? Do I have to invite you as a guest author to respond to stupid comments in a nice way? I have no such skills!

  7. Apologies for my ranting and rant posts last night – had another horrible week (personally) if everyone knew the things that were going on in my life, it’s crazy. Writing allows me to vent at times, and it does offend people, but at least I can type some of the emotions away…Let me know if my current post is ok with you, the comment of the week, as you are quoted in the post.

    If you do not like it – let me know and I will delete right away.


    • Don’t apologize to me. I blog because I believe in sharing how you feel, sharing what you think, and giving room for others to do that very thing. As for my blog, that’s exactly what it’s for.

      I relate to your week sucking. I feel ya.

      You know what’s really cool though?

      …Everything. 😉

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