these lessons of mine

these lessons of mine

Today is a newness
That tickles my brain
Full-on with wonder
Feet dance in the rain

Generous name
God in mercy renews
The fullness of life
He has given to you

To them and me too
From this point of view
The open-most soul
Knows the false from the true

In these wide open skies
Brave parachute mind
Pull open and rest
In the Lord

…He is kind.

Collect not concern
For your heart misconstrued
Continue to give it,
Let love make you new

No one can satisfy every device
Sometimes it’s learning to roll with the dice

Fall where things may
Be not ever dismayed
When intentions fall deaf
On what someone may say

Love is give more than take
You must bend but not break
Truth may have its versions
But cannot mistake

What it means by ALIVE
Like a perfect blue sky
It whispers “keep going”
…Bravely, arrive.

To its pure destination
The height of all highs
The depth of all depths
Truth is found in the eyes

Looking deep into mine
If you feel enough brave
Bold enough, real enough,
Can ‘enough’ save?

Yourself from the shadows
Your fate from the gallows
Your heart from the shallows
Your soul from the grave

Make room enough still
For your heart yet to break
No matter the cost
It’s for goodness’s sake

Being true to yourself
And committed to truth
You’ll learn what you’re made of
Succeed, somehow, too

Success isn’t always approval, you know
With a round of applause
We forget how to grow

The only mistake you can make is to rest;
In strife or in joy you must still give your best

Take notes, but apply them
Take time, undivided
To gather the meaning
From every lost item

Tested and tried
Pressed down on all sides
Victory comes when in truth
We abide

The unchanging principles majesty knows:
Forgiveness, compassion, humility sows

A huge harvest of growth
And an orchard of peace;
A field full of mercy

Let it rain down on me.

Forgive me my faults
Guide me deeper in truth
Encourage my heart
Not to give up on you

I trust my Creator
To reconcile time
To fit understanding in your heart
And mine


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    • Thanks, Travis. We tend to climb inside the feeling of each other’s words quite often.

      For those of you who haven’t been to his blog, I highly recommend you take yourself a gander. Brilliance like a diamond, yet untainted by the world’s greedy fingers. His writing is philosophical, spiritual, universal, timely, raw. He’s a self-taught genius, of sorts. Seriously.

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