a poem of schism, of sorts

a poem of schism, of sorts

Waken by dreams interwoven by time
Eyes open eyes up and soak up the sky
By now, the stars have all starved themselves dark
Emptied, the mind once again has its spark

We have the divine
It sleeps in our soul
Rested and nestled in rock
How it rolls

Gather no moss
Step not on the grass
Careful on sidewalks
The terminal cracks

People in mass measured all or else half
and collecting
Some treasure hunt map

Scavenger hunt off a beaten path
Veering back on
And then learning to laugh

…That’s what I mean when I say where I’m at

Sunshiny day
Prepositional phrase
The end is well suited
To know what to say

Burst at the seams
Busting wide open black
Fade to grey made to play
Perfect and pass

Hall forth and back
Words on attack
Propel themselves tandem
In free fall collapse

Six times seven is forty two
Out of the blue
You have turned into you

(The universe beckons you out of your shoes.)

To touch it and see
To taste it and feel
Stars and the moons and the planets are real

How can you prove what you cannot define?
If love needed proof would you say it’s not mine?

Have and to hold
Give and get back
A huge high five
And a pat on the back

Prove this hypothesis
Make me believe
I don’t have to sleep to finish my dream

Accomplishment goals and success in a can
Millions of peaches
Cut down first by hand

Processed and packaged
Delivered on time
For purchase, pontificate
When where and why

Wisdom would never sit well in a spoon
Fed to her children
By light from the moon

Silver means lucky
But where I came from
We picked our own peaches and
That’s how it’s done

Straight off the vine
Grapes were lonely then too
At least I could choose
What I chose to consume

Don’t let it consume you
These flicker-and-fail
Sorrows unveiled

Ask and then tell.
Hide and then seek.
A minute an hour a day and
A weak

Little engine that could.
Faith and mountains and wood
Burn, become magic
I promised I would

Having done all I could
I sat down in the shade
But growing can only be
Done the hard way
You should

Brightly shining
Just say what you’ll say
No need to save it

For Some Rainy Day


About Brandy Desiree

"Call on me, and I will show you great and unsearchable things you do not know." --Jeremiah 33:3 I am a seeker. A lover. A doer. A thinker. I make music, I dance often, and I laugh. It's all hilarious, really. Everything. Look around you. My children teach me a lot about life. I have five boys, and yes I'm out of my mind. It works for me though; I think this world could honestly use just a little more crazy. A lot of humanity's problems could be solved by everybody taking themselves a little less seriously. I'm grateful and alive; a constantly evolving creature, thankful for the sunshine and just as thankful for the rain... Visit my corner of the universe and share yourself! My heart could implode with welcome for you.

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  1. You have a great artistic view, would you mind letting me know if my latest post is way to risky? Should I scrap it? I value your artistic views and comments. You are intelligent.

    • Most positively, I will read your post. But before I do, I will share my personal disclaimer that from my perspective, the idea that any writing is “too risky” is in & of itself, a perfect example of why this world has grown increasingly numb to brilliance. There is no risk too great for art’s sake. The only risk too risky to take is to be afraid of taking risks.

      If that makes sense. šŸ™‚

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