Mother Nature’s Pissed and We’re All About To Die

Mother Nature’s Pissed and We’re All About To Die

No, this isn’t satire. And it isn’t my typical style of blog post either, but something sinister is going down and nobody seems to be noticing.

Remember that not-so-long-ago catastrophe at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Facility? The one where a lot of radioactive waste suddenly and irreversibly exploded into our ecosystem?

Yes. Right.

Well, this horrifying event we so quickly forgot about is only getting started with its fierce and formidable destruction. Yet coincidentally, the media here in the United States fails to find anything alarming about what is happening–so little in fact, that I’ll bet five bucks you have no clue what I’m talking about.

See for yourselves, friends. What you’re about to watch may completely freak you the eff out.

Fukushima was merely the epicenter of what has become a global crisis; click here to learn more about our current dilemma.

This second video is a potent documentary for anyone who’s interested in a merciless refresher-crash-course of the original Fukushima catastrophe.

Between Miley Cyrus’s twerk-jerking and Holiday sales prices, there is a powerful and nauseating disconnect taking place in our world today. If the video doesn’t reveal this for you would you please let me know? I will take it as my sign from God it’s time I turn doomsday prepper and go very (very) deep into hiding from all of you.

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
Winston Churchill



Being easily pushed or pulled by the demands or expectations of others is much like a branch too easily swayed by the constantly shifting wind; it breaks. Snaps off from its source and dies. Be planted, rooted firmly, in love. Centered in His presence. Be peace and you will have peace.

When the solution is simple, God is answering.
Albert Einstein

When your pulse tugs, listen.


If you could hold it in your hand

Like dust tied down in space
And time, paused for the occasion

Would you?
The heart of your whole life,
The culmination of what truly mattered in the end
In the right now

If you could, would you?
Stop striving, leaning into the noise, pressing into the rush in that non-thinking way
And hold dearly whatever it is you hold dear?

Can you pinpoint it if you try?
And in the finding, could you revel in it deeply enough to feel alive?

We don’t, that’s my conclusion
Open-ended yet certain

I see a consortium of forests
With no trees
A pavilion of hearts
With no beat
An ocean of eyes
That can’t see
And nobody anywhere is dancing


I want to hold you in my hand